Our Retired Hounds


Below are our retired dogs. They are no longer showing or breeding. None of these dogs are available. This page is to showcase the legacy of Basset Hounds we have been honored to own here at Maple Street Bassets Kennel. 


Bassjoy Night Temptation


Uvika Turguesa Playa 


Kandi Kisses z Polany Klapouchego


Truely Skrumptious 


Millie May DeMorningwood 


Autumn Blaze Make My Day 


NewDown Bassets Tiara Bingotti


Maple Street Konfetti

Maple Street Hershey's Hugs X Truley Skrumptious


An American Tail Vejas Gluosniuose


Maple Street Quimby

Maple Street Herbie the Love Bug X AutumnBlaze Make My Day



Maple Street Herbie the Love Bug

Maple Street Hershey's Hugs X Uvika Turguesa Playa


Maple Street Dynamite of Bedrock

Maple Street Louie X Corkey's Yaba Daba Doo at Bedrock


Florence's Once Upon a Dream

Slow Low Rider Garth Bray X Tiara Bingotti "Winnie"

© 1999. Jennie Hibbert, Maple Street Bassets. Do not use any pictures without our permission.