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Our Recent Dog Show Results

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Jackson, Tennessee Show

Show Date: March 23-26th, 2023


Quigley won his class (6-9 month puppy) all 4 days. On the third day he got Reserve Winners Dog.

Katy and Brooklyn Handled Quigley.

Wayne won his class (Novice) the first 2 days. The Third day he got Best of Opposite Sex getting his first points a 5-Point Major! He also got Best Owner Handler that day. The last day Wayne got Reserve Winners Dog. 

Pocatello Kennel Club

Show Date: June 13-16th 2019


Dinah Got Hound 2nd on the 14th in the 4-6 month puppy

Pearl Won the Hound Group of the 4-6 month puppy on Sunday the 16th (Pictured Above)

Sylvie got Winners Bitch the first two days and picked up 2 more points towards her AKC Title.

Farmington Utah Dog Show

Show Date: September 15-16, 2018


Sylvie's second show!

There was 12 bassets total.


Day One: Winners Bitch (4-pt Major)

Day Two: Reserve Winners Bitch (No Points)

Blackfoot Dog Show

Show Date: June 14-17, 2018


Maple Street Louie's second show!

This is a 4 day show. Here are his results.

There was 12 bassets total.


Day One: Best Of winners (4 pt Major)

Day Two: Best of winners (4 pt Major)

Day Three: BEST OF BREED (5 pt Major)


Day Four: BEST OF BREED (5 pt Major)

So thrilled to be his breeder-owner-handler.

All of his points were major wins.

Blackfoot Dog Show

Show Date: June 14-17, 2018


Sylvie's first show!

This is a 4 day show. Here are his results.

There was 12 bassets total.


Day One: Second in her class

Day Two: First in her Class

Day Three: Reserve winners Bitch

Day Four: Reserve winners Bitch

She was so brave and Porter handled her so well

Blackfoot Dog Show

Show Date: June 14-17, 2018


Maple Street Quimby's 1st Competition

This is a 4 day show. Here are his results.

There was 12 bassets total.


Day One: Reserve winners dog

Day Two: Reserve winners dog

Day Three: Reserve winners dog

Day Four: winners dog

Aubrey was so sweet to help me show this weekend. Quimby did really well, but his brother Louie was tough competition!

Blackfoot Puppy Match

Show Date: June 2017


Maple Street Quimby's first show!

He participated in the puppy match 2 days and got best of breed both days. Not bad for his first time. He seemed to enjoy the show crowd. It will be fun to see how he does when he is old enough to really compete. 

Blackfoot Idaho Dog Show

Show Date: June 14th, 2015


This show was pretty fun. We didn't make it to all the days due to my work schedule, but luckily we made it Sunday with Winnie, Louie, and Nellie. Here are the results:


Maple Street Louie (9 months) competed and won his class, against himself. And by default received Winners Dog. And Best of Winners giving him his first points, a 3-Point Major!


Maple Street Nellie competed at 7 months and was handled by my little brother Porter. She got Winners Bitch and Best of opposite sex for her first points as a 3-Point Major too!


NewDown Bassets Tiara Bingotti won her class against herself and got a little blue ribbon. She was shy as this was her first show, I am glad she was able to come!


Very pleased with these results. A special thanks to Ms. Denny C. Mounce who was the Judge on Sunday. 

Mount Ogden Kennel Club- OUR VERY FIRST CHAMPOIN

Show Date: May 16-17, 2015


WE HAVE OUR VERY FIRST MAPLE STREET CHAMPION!!! Ch. Maple Street Herbie the Love Bug won two majors this weekend. He recieved Winners Dog and Best of Winners both days. So proud of him. I Breeder Owner Handled him for every single point. Herbie is very special to me and will always be my Love Bug. 


His son, Maple Street Louie (9 months) also competed and won his class, against himself. And by default received Reserve Winners Dog. Same both days. Pictured above as the red and white. Handler: Porter (My little Brother)


His 1/2 Sister, Maple Street Nellie competed at 6 months. Didn't win anything. But she stood like a goddess. I'm so proud of my Maple Street babies!!

Southern California Basset Hound Specialty

Show Date: March 2014


So proud of Maple Street Herbie the Love Bug. We traveled down to Anaheim, California for the show. The first day I was shocked to recieve WINNERS DOG by Judge: Nigel Richard Luxmoore-Ball for 2 points. The following day, Herbie won Bred-By-Exhibitor class. And the last day he recieved RESERVE WINNERS DOG by judge: Henrietta Surjan. Such a wonderful weekend. I always feel so welcome at this show and love to attend. A special thanks to all those who made it possible! 

Intermountain Kennel Club

Show Date: May 2013


Herbie my little love bug. What a fun show! Herbie went Best of Breed, Best of Opposite, and Best of Winners during this weekend show. The judges loved him. I was so proud. He got 2 majors and a few singles at this show. Much more than I expected and he was so well behaved. So grateful to the judges who chose my hounds!! 

Blackfoot Idaho Show

Show Date: June 2013


My little brother Porter stepped up and handled "An American Tail" because I was short on help handling the hounds. I was shocked how well he did.... He got Winners Dog and Best of Winners!! Porter didn't have any practice and he beat out my friend and I with the dogs we were handling. (Its gotta be the bowtie and suspenders). The judges loved him. I was really pround of them. He recieved his first 2 points at this show.

Intermountian Kennel Club

Show Date: May 2012


My gorgeous "AutumnBlaze Make My Day" at her very first show. She was full of energy and really fun to show. She received Winners Bitch and best of opposite sex for her first point! I was really proud of her. I can't wait to show her more in the future.

Basset Hound Club of American Southern California Specialty
Show Date: March 2012


Bassjoy Night Temptation did great! Brittany White and I had a blast at this show. We traveled there together. I only had Puddles but she entered several of her dogs and had great success. It was fun to meet the breeders who I consider "celebrities". This show is my favorite!!! 

Blackfoot Idaho Show- OUR VERY FIRST SHOW

Show Date: October 2011


Here is "Maple Street Hershey's Hugs" at his first show. He recieved Reserve Winners Dog. We didn't get any points but I learned alot from other basset hound fanciers about showing. They were all very welcoming and nice. Hugs was very fun to show, but I was very clumsy in the ring. SO scary the first time yet so addicting. 


Hugs is currently retired and living in a wonderful home. Maple Street Herbie the Love Bug is his son and will carry on his bloodline :)

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