Our Kennel

ArOooOOO....My Basset Hounds LOVE their kennel.


The panels are made of powder coated metal with no sharp edges to keep them safe. I use clean fresh straw for ground cover. It is easy on their sensitive joints and makes the entire kennel a comfortable lounging area. They have plenty of room to run and play. Keep scrolling to check out the houses my dad built for them! 

The Maple Street Saloon

My dad has built me the BEST dog houses I have EVER seen!!! 


My family lives by the motto, "I can live without nessesities, if I can have a few luxuries" Obviously it carried over into our dog house buildings. My dogs didn't really "need" a 6 bedroom dog house, but we let our imaginations get carried away. So here it is. Last October in 2014, the construction started. Hours and hours we just sat and talked and decided what our goals were. I wanted to be able to give the dogs options. Sometimes they need their own little space. My dogs also LOVE ramps. They can't have stairs because its hard on their joints.  

The Maple Street Hotel

Our first two-story dog house. The beginning of our old western town!


Originally we planned to have a single story dog house with a false front. As we started building, we decided it wouldn't be hard to double the space by creating a second floor, which would require a ramp. It was a little tricky to determine the slope and width so the hounds could make it upstairs without being too steep or crowded. It turned out adorable! A great practice before the Saloon. 

The Hick House 

Originally built for dads Black and Tan Coonhound. Currently used as a puppy playhouse. 


Dad built this when his Coonhound "Rawley" was just a puppy. Mom requested that we didn't have dogs in the house from the beginning of their marriage. So to respect moms wishes, dad began this project. The Little Hick House. It was all finished, the most adorable "dog house" in town. To humor mom, he encouraged Rawley to hang out near it during the day. It worked for a couple hours...Until we heard his call....AroOOoOOo.....So he is a human house dog. Rawley hasn't slept one night in it!! He fondly looks at it from his bed in the living room. Now its only used for an outdoor play area where our puppies can go inside and take their naps. 

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