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Our Basset Hounds in the Media

Maple Street Give Me a Break "Oliver"- OUR MOVIE STAR

Hugs and Truley's little boy "Oliver" was trained by the professional dog trainer prior to the filming of this movie. When they were getting dogs together for the show she invited Oliver be a part of the cast because of his sweet laid back personality. He wasn't a main character but he is seen multiple times throughout the movie.

Our Basset Hounds went viral and then on ELLEN!!

Herbie and Truely's puppies: Maple Street Moses and Maple Street Kiss Me Kate

I had originally posted the video on facebook and it had millions of views in a few days. I have even seen GIFs made of it. The video is best known as synchronized tail wagging. Ellen had it on her show April 12th 2017!! I was so excited to see their video on her show! 

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